Seller Ledger

Seller Ledger is a robust platform that helps small businesses manage their transactions and operations. Its keep track of all your business sales activity, including orders placed, payments received, and returns made.

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At Seller ledger services allow sellers the ability to track their inventory, sales, and payments. Our Seller Ledger solution offers a variety of features that will help you streamline your sales process and improve your business efficiency.

Seller ledger is maintained by the administrators or sellers to keep track of their day-to-day selling activities. It is very important to maintain a seller ledger, especially in a multi-seller marketplace. All the information about the sales is arranged in a periodical form which is finally entered into sales account of the main ledger of the company. The information covered in the sales ledger is quite vast which includes sale date, invoice number, customer’s name, items sold, freight charges, sale amounts, sales, value-added taxes and many more. The basic reason to maintain a separate seller ledger is to save the main ledger from being over-crowded.

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If you are looking for a professional and determined team of experts then we are extremely happy to help you. Our company will give you the best services by maintaining and recording all the purchase transaction with due care.. Our professionals will give you reliable and accurate services that will help you save your time doing entries manually and it will make your ledger more reliable and efficient. Our experts are highly qualified and experienced in their fields which will help you increase your company’s position and its cash flow.

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  • Our experts will help you save your accounts from any inappropriate and fraudulent entries.
  • Our team will be there for you any hour of the day to maintain a balanced and clean ledger for your company.
  • Our customer’s satisfaction is our whole sole motto.

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