Web Accessible eBooks

The service makes web-accessible eBook designs that follow the Accessible Publishing Best Practice Guidelines. These guidelines include structurally-tagged content and text-to-speech features to help readers who have trouble seeing, reading, or moving.

Solutions for Web-accessible eBook Development services

Give your eBooks better features that make them easier to read, and more people will be able to read them. We invite you to work with us to take advantage of our reasonably priced, top-notch Web Accessible eBooks.

During COVID-19, students have been known to get course materials from internet libraries and apps in PDFs, audiobooks, and ebooks. Even though ebooks and audiobooks have made studying at home or in the library easier, not all of them are the same. Some show the text, others read it aloud, and others let you change the fonts. Can students with problems like dyslexia, poor eyesight, or physical problems count on them for help?

Most ebooks are for everyday classroom use, but accessible ebooks have features that make reading easier for students with different disabilities and learning styles.

Web Accessible eBookslet students customise their reading experience by giving them options like audio, audio + highlighted text, braille, large font, colours, voices, reading speed, and more. When students are allowed to read in the best way for them, they can spend more time and energy understanding what they are reading and learning more. Digital books allow students to improve their reading skills independently, with less help from teachers and parents.

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Digital accessible eBook making  content accessible

Do you want your readers to enjoy reading your work, no matter how much they know about technology or how well they can move? Do you want to make your eBook easier for people who may have trouble reading it because they are blind, deaf, or have trouble moving their hands? We’re here to help you if that’s the case.

Making the web more accessible means making products with user interfaces that people with disabilities can use, see, and understand. Let us help you make eBooks that can be read on the web so that people who use assistive technologies can read your content. So that we can give our clients eBooks that are easy to use and meet WCAG 2.0 standards, our team of professionals works directly with them to learn everything they need.

As part of our web-accessible eBooks development services, we make sure the eBook is available in PDF, ePub, and ePub3 formats, making it compatible with a wide range of smartphones, tablets, and eReaders. We also ensure it has all the features designed for accessibility and a user interface that works well for people with dyslexia.

web accesible ebook

Why should you join us?

  • Adding metadata, using document structures in tags, inserting audio and video files, arranging the content for reflow, handling images and their alt text, labelling form fields, tagging and structuring links, and checking tab order in forms.
  • Putting the right tags on links, tables, and lists to make reading easy for people who use screen readers.
  • Adding extra media, MathML, and style sheets for pronunciation

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