Equity Research Services

Equity research includes looking at the company's financials, doing ratio analysis, forecasting the company's financials in Excel (called "financial modeling"), and looking into different possible outcomes.

Equity research analyze stocks to help make better investment decision

Equity Research to provide investors investment either banking sell-side, or an institution buy-side, for an independent organisation analysis and recommendations for any investors.

Equity research is about the valuation of a listed company (trading companies listed on a stock exchange such as NYSE or NASDAQ etc.). Once you are under consideration of the company, you look at economic aspects like GDP, growth rate, size of the industry and aspects of competition, etc. Once you understand the economics behind the business, perform a financial statement analysis of historical balance sheets, cash flows, and income statements to form an opinion on how the company has been in the past. Present financial statements such as BS, IS and CF of the company, based on management expectation, historical performance and industry competition. (Also referred to as financial modeling in equity research).

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Our company has over 10+ years of experience in Equity Research Services and our company has skilled experts with strong analytical skills and understanding of relevant financial, mathematical and accounting techniques. We can work together as a solution provider and provide unlimited support. We enable this bringing to play the right mix of the data, the methodologies, and the best talent to deliver value to our clients. We use equity valuation models such as DCF, relative valuation, parts valuation of the company. And also,  we calculate fair value based on the above model and compare the fair value with the current market price (stock exchange). It adds value to your business.

equity research service

Benefits Of Equity research services

  • Our company have over 10+ years of experience
  • We have skilled experts with strong analytical skills and understanding of relevant financial, mathematical and accounting techniques.
  • Our experts offer 24×7 available services
  • We keep your finance records safe and secure
  • Help you for a better and effective business structure
  • We provide unlimited support
  • We offer accurate and affordable services because customer satisfaction is most important.

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