Interactive & Enhanced eBooks

An "Enhanced eBook" is a standard eBook that has been added to interactive elements like audio, video, multimedia, narration, quizzes, graphs, behind-the-scenes content, speeches, etc. Interactive and augmented eBooks think about what the user wants to get out of reading or studying.

Creation of Interactive eBooks to Improve Reader Experiences

We were among the first to use modern technologies, so we understand the unique needs of readers today. We have gotten good at adapting to each customer's needs and can confidently tell them which will work with which devices.

eBooks are becoming more popular and getting a bigger share of the market. In a time when more people are reading digital content, publishers are turning to eBooks increasingly to reach their readers. There is no doubt that the pandemic has played a role in the meteoric rise in eBook sales.

Interactive eBooks are a wonderful way for publishers to improve the reading experience for their customers. Interactive eBooks are easy to carry around and share and let readers interact with the text and media in many ways. In addition to text and pictures, an interactive eBook can have audio files, quizzes, widgets, video files, animations, and more.

You can try out modern technologies like HTML5 and EPUB 3.0 to make better eBooks. This will not only make readers more interested, but it will also let you interact with them in new ways. You can give your readers a lot of information in your eBook, answer their questions and comments and do other things. Making your eBook interactive is a wonderful way to make your content more interesting, stand out from the competition, and make it more likely that people will buy it.

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Our best skills

We are experts at using multimedia elements like audio and video files, 2D and 3D animations, cross-references, footnotes, annotations, and more to turn print or digital books into interactive eBooks. Our team of experts uses HTML5 and CSS3 to make eBooks that look good and do things. Our products work with all the major reading devices and platforms, like the iPhone, iPad, and iTouch from Apple, as well as the Kindle, Nook, Google, Sony eReader, and Kobo.

Our updated eBooks have helped many businesses save time and money while making them more accurate and better overall. Our products skilfully combine audio, video, quizzes, high-definition (HD) images, puzzles, narration, games, and multimedia elements into a story to enrich the experience and help the learner remember more.

Our company specialises in making eBooks into interactive formats, and we make the interfaces for these books with the mind reader. Along with rich-media content, we also add features that help the reader get the most out of the content and have the best experience possible. We make highly interactive eLearning content and assessment modules that can be used for assorted topics.

What will you get by joining us?

  • We added a 3D/360-degree view to make some important photos easier for the user to see and access.
  • Drop-down menus make it easier to take notes and look for things online.
  • A sneak peek at every page.
  • You can interact with the graphics in the table of contents and the chapters.
  • Links are provided for images, videos, texts, and music.
  • A “read aloud” feature reads the selected text aloud so you can follow along.
  • You can use this function to add music if you want to.

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