DTBook Conversion

Digital talking book conversion is xml based document format. DTBook is a globally supporting synchronized text and speech so that they are easy to move through headings, footnotes, and bookmarks.

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DTBooks conversion is a kind of electronic book globally recognised standard supporting synchronized text and speech navigable via headings, pages, footnotes, and bookmarks.

DTBook conversion is a process by which content from a book can be converted into an eBook format. It can be done through software, such as DTBook Converter, or the manual process. A few different factors must be considered when converting a book into an eBook. The first is the layout of the book. If the book were originally formatted in a text-only format, it would need to be converted to an eBook with text formatting intact. If the book were formatted with images and graphics, those would also need to be preserved and included in the eBook file. Another consideration is how much content has been removed from the book for use in an eBook. This includes anything unrelated to ebook reading, such as chapter headings and margin notes. Finally, it is essential to decide on pricing for an eBook based on how much content has been removed and what type of formatting has been used in the original book. We offer a wide variety of services that can help you to convert your books quickly and easily.

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