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In a biometric security system, the initial process of storing data in a reference template representing the identity of the user used to collect biometric data samples from an individual and later compare. Insurance corporations, educational associations, and financial establishments need to course a large number of enrolment applications. They spend a lot of time and resources on enrolment-related data entry jobs such as offering new services, enrolling a new member, and open enrolment. This increases the burden on the company’s internal HR capabilities and overall cost structure.

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Our company provides high quality, prompt and cost-effective enrolment data entry services to many industry verticals. With over 10 years of experience in the field of data entry, we can provide quick and accurate services to suit the unique needs of customers. We follow a strict workflow management process that ensures superior quality data entry with a high degree of accuracy. Files received via paper/fax or electronic transfer are processed using our proprietary automated software that helps confirm eligibility at the time of enrollment. Our enrollment form data entry services include both offline and online data entry for all types of enrollment forms; including retirement enrollment form and student enrollment form. We distribute complete data in various formats including database format, Excel (.xls), Word (.doc), Acrobat (.pdf), Access (.mdb), HTML (.htm), ASCII and Text (.txt). We also provide final output to customers via CD, DVD, e-mail, FTP upload or direct modem transfer.

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