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Accounting is keeping track of money transactions and then organising, retrieving, summarising, and reporting on those transactions.

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We will ensure that your business and professional dealings are written down in a legal way in Singapore. Our goal is to give all business owners access to a one-stop business centre that can meet their needs and provide professional, accurate, and reliable business services.

So that all stakeholders and shareholders can understand a company’s financial data, it must be consolidated and presented consistently. Accounting’s main job is to keep track of a business’s financial transactions, results, and cash flow and give information about them. Accounting standards help make sure that financial reports are consistent and correct. There are four main types of financial statements: income and expenses, balance and funds flow, and retained earnings. All interested parties, including shareholders, can judge a company’s progress because the reports are all the same. The financial statements must be truthful, reliable, and accurate.

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Accounting records include:

  • Accounting schedules.
  • General ledgers.
  • Lists of what was sold and what was bought.
  • A trial balance.
  • A balance sheet.
  • A profit and loss statement.

All of these are required by the Income Tax Act. We offer professional accounting services at fair prices in Singapore. We also help local and international business owners understand how to incorporate in Singapore. If you use our accounting services, you’ll be able to see how your company’s money is doing as a whole. Experts will take care of your accounting and bookkeeping worries, giving you more time to focus on other parts of your business. If you can’t afford a full-time accountant, our monthly, quarterly, and semiannual budget accounting services in Singapore are a great alternative.

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  • The most important thing is that our customers can trust us because we are real, honest, and real.

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