Offline Data Entry

The term "offline" means that no internet services were used to put together the list of data. Offline data entry jobs usually involve gathering and organizing customer information, putting together sales statistics, or getting information from surveys and forms.

Why You Should Hire Us to Enter Your Offline Data

As a reliable offline data entry service, we ensure your information is safe by following strict security protocols and keeping all your information private. In addition, we always use a safe VPN or FTP connection to get to data so that none of your sensitive business data is ever stored on our servers (FTP).

Offline data services are considered as a process of compilation of data according to client’s orders. As per its name, compilation is done without the use of internet. A number of activities involved in the process are collection of client’s information, arrangement in a definite order, sales data compilation, data mining from surveys and forms, and many so on. Generally all this is done with the help of computer software and a computer for an easy process. It covers both, textual, numeric, and alphanumeric data into the database using various computer software.

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We are a team of highly professional experts offering great offline data entry services. Our professionals work solemnly in order to fulfill client’s demands and give great outputs. Our professional render services like collection and compilation of data through various sources to help organizations keep track of the market status, understand customer’s likings, store business, and business details, analyzing sale data, tracks outputs and efficiency measurement. Our professionals are experts at the collection of data from papers, journals, yellow pages, and documents. Our professionals also offer services like converting images into digital format and compilation and so on.

Why joining us?

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  • Our vision is our client’s happiness.

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