Buyer Ledger

The Buyer Ledger is a tool that helps buyers manage and monitor their purchases. It allows buyers to keep track of all their transactions and receipts and provides them with the information.

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Buyer ledger is the perfect tool for tracking the progress of your business transactions. With our easy-to-use interface, you can track who has purchased what, when, and for how much.

A buyer ledger is particularly a sub ledger maintained to record all the purchasing activities of the company. It is maintained by the accounting department of a company rather than the purchasing department. The basic purpose to maintain this ledger is to record which purchases are being paid and which of them remain outstanding. This ledger is maintained only if the volume of purchases in an organisation is quite high. If the purchases are not too high then the transactions will be directly entered into the main/general ledger. The information in the buyer ledger will be recorded serially which then will be entered into the general ledger after balancing.

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Our team have a set of skills which will bring your company to the top. Our experts provide services like posting purchase entries to the general ledger and tallying the credit and debit amounts of the general ledger to keep your ledger away from all the fraudulent and inappropriate activities. Our professionals are perfectly groomed to maintain all your company’s transaction activities. There are a number of information in a ledger like purchase date, purchase order number, supplier code and supplier invoice number which are flawlessly handled by our professionals.

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  • Our consumers are our greatest treasure and we make sure to keep them happy with our services.
  • Any outstanding transactions and imbalance of ledgers will be personally taken due care by out professionals.
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