Scanning and Indexing

Electronically scanning and indexing documents makes it easier to file and find them. The next step is to put things into groups.

What is Scanning and Indexing? Our experts guide you

We can index your documents as they are being scanned or all at once after the scanning. We will put together the index fields based on the types of documents and the information they have. We can also index your files by reading barcodes and doing other things.

Document scanning and indexing collects information from paper documents and changes it into digital formats for ease of storage, search, retrieval, and use. Scanners currently can scan thousands of pages of paper, transferring information from large pieces of paper to digital, usually in the form of PDF, TIFF, or JPG files. Scanning software with optical character recognition capabilities processes image files and extracts the required information. Indexing software optimizes text for search by identifying and classifying documents and applying search criteria.

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In our company, you will find many top document imaging solutions under one virtual roof. Our CDIA + consultants can work with you to explain the strengths and weaknesses of each option and even provide a demo of the products using the samples you have provided. You’ll get flexibility with each of these products, which will allow any one-man shop to jump right in, or the enterprise or service bureau can scale up to proportion. If you need to capture some data in the document imaging mix, we also carry OCR, form processing and document management tools. We concentrate on providing cost-effective scanning and indexing services to a wide range of industries including banking and finance, education, retail, health, insurance, manufacturing, and many more. We provide the following document digitization services – Accurately capturing paper records and data using our high-quality document scanners, Supporting the total life cycle of your company’s documents with our intelligent software and skilled employees.

scanning and indexing

Benefits of Scanning and Indexing

  • We provide our services at payable cost
  • In our company, you will find many top document imaging solutions under one virtual roof
  • We Commit 99.99% Accuracy
  • Genuine 10000 Surveys/Month
  • Generate over 25000 Leads/Month
  • Achieving fast, consistent, accurate and reliable results using our state-of-the-art technologies and professional team.
  • Classification of techniques from existing databases, such as extracting information by barcode and optical character recognition (OCR) and indexing of scanned data.

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