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We carry out not just SEO, but focus on bringing valuable traffic to ensure better ROI.

Search Engine Optimization

What’s the purpose of your being online?
To be found in the search results of Google at a glance. If your company is not ranked on the first leading pages of Google, you practically do not exist. Even if your web design is excellent, and you are able to bring in sales, you can’t go far with your products if people can’t find you.

Over the years SEO has evolved as a constant source of valuable traffic to your website. SEO services not only improve search rankings, it improves online visibility, enhance brand building, bring you valuable traffic and results in better ROI. It is a series of well planned activities performed strategically to expand web presence and build loyalty for your brand.
This important aspect of a great business must be handed over to an expert for effective results.

How Webcode Tree can help?
- Being an industry expert, we offer best SEO services to its clients.
- Our SEO process is designed in compliance with Google webmaster guidelines
- White hat SEO process prevent you from odds of Google algorithmic updates.
- It also help Google find, crawl, index and rank your website better.
- Stable solutions avoid fluctuation in ranking, enhance brand's online visibility.
- We are refining the process and technology to achieve maximum efficiency.

Our process includes:
- Assessing the sitemap, site hierarchy, navigation structure, coding, site content and loading speed according to Google guidelines.
- Optimise content by doing extensive keyword research, maintaining blog for regular content updates, optimise meta tags, site navigation and user experience.
- Carry out quality link bulding through guest blogging on reputed blogs, linking your website and blog and press releases.
- Enhance your social media presence through Social Media Marketing.

Our SEO contains following features:
- Strategy planning based on business requirements.
- Relevant Keyword Research with complete attention on content.
- On-site optimisation without disturbing quality of website content.
- Building online presence and multiple sources of traffic through backlinks.
- White-Hat SEO for prevention from Search Engine algorithm changes.
- Relevant Social Media Marketing to improve Search Engine ranking.
- Planned action and regular updates in strategy.

Don't let your competitors get a lead in race!
Bring your business gears in motion! Get our SEO services and drive your business the smart way!

Pay Per Click (PPC)

PPC is a very common paid advertising model used by businesses to connect with customers. PPC seems interesting to businesses that wish to dominate search engine results for particular keywords. It helps businesses get distinguished presence on search engines and networks, and increase chances of relevant traffic. Ads on famous websites and search engine result pages (SERP) can attract huge amount of business traffic. A successful PPC campaign with the right keywords and budget brings you across target audience at affordable prices by achieving high click through rate (CTR) and low cost per click (CPC).
However, running a successful PPC campaign requires relevant expertise, experience, marketing insights and time as well. Our PPC experts help businesses in making the most of their PPC investment. Our experts first research your industry extensively, then set up a campaign and constantly monitor and optimise your account. We are professionally managing Google AdWords for our clients.

Benefits of PPC advertising:
- Helps in instant reach to users searching for services related to your business
- It gives you instant results unlike SEO which is a long struggle.
- It offers functionality to target specific geographic locations.
- It allows you to target all devices separately
- If managed professionally, it's a complete value for money
- Helps you target site visitors who browsed but did not convert

We also offers display ad marketing services to brands & businesses.
We design attractive ads that perfectly reflect your values and run them with appropriate ad sponsors chosen after extensive business study & research.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is not just about personal interactions. Small businesses & global brands are using it to connect with customers and generate sales. As social media marketing company, Webcode Tree helps social media friendly businesses reach target audience and run marketing campaigns on social media websites. Social media marketing and optimization helps brands & people in communicating with target audience on popular social platforms. We employs various social media practices in our SEO processes to ensure maximum coverage to clients. We maintain multiple social profiles, increase brand recognition, gather more likes and followers, and actively participate in discussion forums on behalf of clients.

Reasons for using social media marketing:
- Improved business exposure
- Increased User Interaction
- High quality leads and greater traffic
- Better search engine visibility
- Relatively reduced marketing cost
- Real time performance analysis and feedback
- Great networking opportunity
- Strong and engaging social presence

Our team constantly tracks the response generated from each social source and fine-tune our strategy for best results.

Social Media Marketing

We firmly believe that all the interaction through social media pllatforms should be engaging and help build a meaningful relationship between your brand and its customers.

Content Marketing

Maintaining business blog is a popular practice nowadays. Business owners are ready to spare the time for regular posts. However, every blog doesn't reaches its full potential, and becomes a business asset. If used intelligently, a blog can power your business growth and sales. Content writing is an integral part of inbound marketing and cannot be ignored at a time when Google prefers fresh & relevant content. Our content writers will help you develop engaging and keywords optimized content to build impressive online presence. You can use such articles, blog posts, and write ups to maintain your blog. Our content writers will also help you promote your business & connect with audience base through online press releases & guest blogging.

Marketing activities put the spotlight on your blog and spreads the word around your recent post. Besides doing that, blog marketing accomplishes the following:
- It introduces the posts to new readership
- It popularizes posts on trusted websites and business directories.
- Brand presence on multiple platforms
- It brings fresh and relevant visitors

If posts are optimized and marketed correctly, a blog can attract great amount of search engine traffic. We make sure your business gets the maximum blogging benefit. Our marketing processes are driven to:
- Direct huge traffic to your blog
- Drastically increase visibility on search engines
- Get higher Google page rank for your web platform
- Increase visitor count
- Generate leads and website visits

We continuously refine our marketing processes and follow best practices to promote blog posts.

Content Marketing

Our first step is to gain deep understanding about your business, target audience, business objectives, values and vision. Then we do:
- Submission on relevant and popular online directories
- Popularizing posts on social media platforms
- Tracking popularity and conversations
- Category selection and directory assistance
- Initiating real conversations in comment section
We also have expertise in creating visual content like infographics and PPT that are more readily shared on social media platforms

Reputation Management

When it comes to brand reputation, internet poses the biggest challenge to businesses and brands. Anyone can tarnish business reputation by posting negative reviews on websites like Complaints Board. While business owners have started investing in it, the need is to rethink online reputation management. Our team of reputation experts realizes how difficult it is to remove information from internet or to push down negative reviews on Google. That's why we work with a hybrid reputation management strategy while rendering online reputation services.

Your brand image and value is influenced by what is said and posted online about you. Online reputation management is something that demands serious attention from offline as well as online businesses as it can scare away potential clients and impact sales directly. Defending your online reputation requires great deal of expertise and perseverance. Online reputation management services take care of what is being said and heard about you. A professional online reputation management firm tracks and manages online communication threads and content published about client.

It not only shields you from negative reviews but also from unwanted malicious content being posted about you by competitors or spammers. All this is done through search engine optimization, positive content creation, brand name monitoring, tracking social media networks, discussion forums, etc.

Reputation Management

Conversion optimization

Though not directly related to marketing, but conversion optimization is what helps achieve higher sales. Because all your marketing efforts will finally land your existing and potential customers to your website, it is important to have a website that is optimized to prompt conversions. Your website is an integral source of marketing and should have an optimized user experience which is engaging, easy to use, builds credibility and clearly communicates your values. Before starting any marketing campaign, you should be ready with dedicated landing pages that are built to capture maximum leads.

Website Optimization is something that most businesses usually don’t understand but need to push up revenue earned from online marketing. It can only be done after extensive research, following scientific techniques of testing and regular performance tracking. The final results are directly reflected on your ROI.

Conversion optimization

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